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Info about VidtoMP3

You want to have always the newest Mp3's with you? Converting CDs to Mp3 is to inconvenient? Your datavolume doesn't fit your love to different music all the day? The youtube app has to be open all the time, while you are listening to your favorite music? Vidtomp3 is the most simple downloader for windows to carry your Favorite videos as Songs always with you. Within some simple steps with our youtube converter, you can converted video to mp3 and listen it as often as you want, without Internet connection! A fast wayto get audio from youtube. Start your vid to mp3 now!

Not bound to datavolume

Don't ever worry about your datavolum ever again. Listen to your music directly from your phone. No need of unknown WLAN ever again.The video to mp3 algortihm makes this a problem from the past. With vid to mp3 converter.

How does VidtoMP3 Download work?


  1. Hear your favorite song on Youtube
  2. Copying the video URL & paste it into the input field on the top of this page
  3. Submit and wait a few seconds for the provided download link.
  4. Download the file
  5. Repeat

Detailed Instruction

  • Step 1
  • First of all, you need to search for the video you want to hear and download from
  • Step 2
  • The first step isn't that hard, isn't it? The following steps aren't difficult either, so don't worry and just go ahead. As soon as you found your designated song on youtube, you can copy the URL of the song (eg. ). Top copy the URL just mark it with our mousepointer and then copy it with RitghClick -> Copy. You could also use the common keyboard shortcuts Ctrl+C.
  • Step 3
  • Almost done! Keep going. Visit an paste your copied Youtube URL into the input field. You can also use the input field at the top of this site, even easiert. This can be easily done with RightClick -> Paste or you can also use the keyboard shortcut for paste: Ctrl+V. As soon as this in done you can submit and start the process. Just for your understanding we'll explain shortly what is going on in the background as soon as you clicked the Download button. Firstly their system collects all the required information of your designated song, as soon as the gathering process is done their algortihm will start with the download in the highes quality via fast internet connection, to provide the best speed and quality MP3's. The next step in this process is the conversion to your downloadable MP3 file, the system of also provides high reliable resources and algorithms to create a high quality sound file.

  • Step 4
  • Due to high performance hardware and optimized programms, Step 3 won't take long, so relax some seconds and enjoy the excitement. When your mp3 file is created a download link will directly be shown. So you can instantly download the mp3 file and start hearing it as often as you want, where you want and share it whit whom you want. As soon as you have the file, you can copy it to all your devices to have access to it from everywhere, or you just use the service on all your deives again. Isn't this procedure easy and fast? We don't know any faster way to create youer personal MP3 collection with the newest songs on the market.

  • Step 5
  • Repeat :). is fully free and without limitations. There isn't a daily or monthly limitation of downloads per user. You are able to download a infinite amount of audio files fully without any costs. There isn't any registration needed also, you don't have to go through a time consuming process of registration and confirming mail addresses, choosing a unique nickname, provide personal information and create a complex password. Just visit and start your download immeadiately.

Behind the scenes of Vid to MP3 Download

We are constantly working on improvements of our service. The developers of Vid to MP3 converter continously create faster solutions on our algortihms to increase the speed and stability every day. Our goal is to provide one of the simpliest and fastest online video to mp3 converters fully for free. We are also working on our algorithms, to handle large filesizes at the same time and convert youtube audios much faster. We'are also working on new ideas for newfunctionalities every day. We plan to implement also a vid to mp4 converter to convert youtube video into downloadable video files. And also a youtube mp3 search engine for easier free youtube mp3 converter. To reach this goal we have also to imporve our youtube converting mechanics. All this will happen within the next weeks, staytuned and convert mp3!

High Speed Download

Download your favorite song with from video to mp3 with Highspeed. The high quality converting process provides the best possible accustic experience.


Download your title with the maximum speed. Without waiting queues. The vid to mp3 converter algorithm provide the most efficient way to prepare your Mp3 as fast as possible!


Only one download is needed to hear your favorite artist as often was you want to. Be able to listen to unique mixed versions of several songs or enjoy best of compilations.

Save datavolume

Never be bound to mobile datavolume for spotify or youtube. The search for free WLAN's has an end. Carry your playlist always with you, with vid to mp3 converter.

Fee Free

Create your favorite playlist for sports or parties fully for free. No monthly payment needed. No hidden costs for your Mp3 enjoyment