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You want to have always the newest Mp3's with you? Converting CDs to Mp3 is to inconvenient? Your datavolume doesn't fit your love to different music all the day? The youtube app has to be open all the time, while you are listening to your favorite music? vidtomp3 is the most simple Solution to carry your Favorite Songs always with you. Within some simple steps you can download your converted Music and listen it as often as you want, without Internet connection!

Not bound to datavolume

Don't ever worry about your datavolum ever again. Listen to your music directly from your phone. No need of unknown WLAN ever again. With vidtommp3.

High Speed Download

Download your favorite song with from vidtomp3 with Highspeed. The high quality converting process provides the best possible accustic experience.


Download your title with the maximum speed. Without waiting queues. The best converting algorithm provide the most efficient way to prepare your Mp3 as fast as possible!


Only one download is needed to hear your favorite artist as often was you want to. Be able to listen to unique mixed versions of several songs or enjoy best of compilations.

Save datavolume

Never be bound to mobile datavolume for spotify or youtube. The search for free WLAN's has an end. Carry your playlist always with you.

Fee Free

Create your favorite playlist for sports or parties fully for free. No monthly payment needed. No hidden costs for your Mp3 enjoyment